Gifting Community
for BigBox

Commissioned by Big Box, a company that specializes in ‘experience’ gift, that is, a company that allows its clients to gift experiences as opposed to ’objects’ or ‘things’.

The final illustration had to work both in a small scale as their special edition gift bags and as the wall art for a large piece of furniture in their headquarters.

The idea was to create an image that would speak to the sensation of gifting an experience. I had a couple of goals, first: to convey a sense of community, of bonds between a group of people -warmth- and, to catch a second in motion. Giving a gift is an action, and one that is an experience (like a night at a 5 star hotel or a trip to the spa) was an opportunity to illustrate how the experience modifies the body. The result is a colorful, heterogenous, warm group of characters, connected in a moment in motion.

The greens add to the sense of freshness and liveliness, but also to speak of tangible ever growing bonds.